Love & Loss

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Years ago, after a string of crushing losses that culminated with the death of my son, (minutes after he was born), all I could do was look to heaven and ask…

Do you love me?

I figured Jesus asked the same question of Peter, so it had to be legitimate at some level.

In response to my question, the Lord directed my drifting attention to the Scriptures. It seemed like He was challenging me to look at a random selection of Bible characters and identify the losses they experienced.

Here’s what I found…

·        Adam and Eve lost their son, who was the first person ever murdered.
·        Joseph was separated from his Dad for 24 years.
·        Job lost his children, his livelihood, and his health.
·        Samson lost his eyesight.
·        David lost his baby boy and two grown sons.
·        Jeremiah never had a wife.
·        Lot and Ezekiel lost their wives.
·        Hosea lost the ability to trust his wife.
·        Abigail endured years of emotional and verbal abuse.
·        John the Baptist was beheaded
·        Paul was falsely accused and imprisoned.
·        Mary watched the crucifixion of her son.

When my Bible study was completed, the Lord seemed to say to me …

Did I ever stop loving any of these people?

To which I had to reply, “No.”

And then…compassionate silence.

I had my answer.

Those who have recently experienced significant losses in Boston and Newtown may be losing the sense that God loves them.

Let’s pray fervently that this does not happen, because there is no other genuine source of comfort for these grieving families – especially when “explanations” ring hollow.

Author: Doug Schmidt

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  1. Sharon Davis Posted on April 24, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Awesome Doug. Thank you!

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