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The Early Church

The below videos are from The Bible Project, a group of Bible scholars and artists in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of these videos.

  1. Take the time and watch them a couple times to take in all they have to explain. Although they are animated, the videos are deep! If you have a friend to watch them with, all the better!
  2. In the videos they will reference various books (sections) of the Bible. Take the time to pause the videos and read whatever is of interest to you. If you don’t have a Bible, you can access one on your tablet or phone at Download the ESV Bible (English Standard Version), which is the one we use at Crossroads.
  3. Write down any insights you discover and/or any questions you have and discuss them with your Guide. If you did not begin your journey with a Guide, we can set you up with one at any time. Just text the keyword GUIDE to 720.513.1933 and we help you connect with someone.

1 | Acts Chapters 1-7

The book of Acts shows how God fulfilled His ancient promises to restore His blessing to all the nations through the offspring of Abraham: Jesus of Nazareth. In this video, The Bible Project will explore how Jesus and the Spirit renew the people of Israel and prepare them to announce good news to the nations.

2 | Acts
Chapters 8-12

The Bible Project's video on Acts Ch. 8-12 explores how God’s Spirit transformed Jesus’ followers from a small collective of messianic Jews in Jerusalem, into a multi-ethnic movement that quickly spread throughout the nations.

3 | Acts
Chapters 13-20

What was it like for the apostle Paul to travel around the Roman Empire announcing the good news about the risen Jesus? What drove him to plant new Jesus communities in city after city, and how did people respond to his message? In our third video on the book of Acts, The Bible Project will explore all of this and more.

4 | Acts
Chapters 21-28

In the final video in The Bible Project's Acts series, we trace Paul’s final journey to Jerusalem and then into a Roman prison. But paradoxically, Paul’s suffering leads him into the heart of the Roman empire where he gets to announce God’s Kingdom over the nations.

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