A path towards spiritual growth

Our GROWTHTRACKS are simple “plans” we have created to help you make purposeful progress to grow spiritually and understand where you fit into God’s story. They are designed literally as the “tracks” for your own growth and your progress through learning about Jesus, God’s story, and some of the key “mega-themes” of the Bible.

To help you in this process, we would love to provide you with a guide as you walk out your path! A guide is simply a mature Christian within our church we have equipped to walk with people in this discovery process. Their purpose is to simply check in with you every couple weeks to see how you’re doing, help with questions that come up, and be a prayer support for you. No pressure, just a friend in your corner!

That’s really what GROWTHTRACKS are, a path, a guide, and a journey of personal growth and discovery! Below is a sample of the first video in GROWTHTRACK #1.  To jump in, text the keyword GROWTH to 720-513-1933 and we will follow up and send you the link to rest of GROWTHTRACK #1.

GROWTHTRACK #1 is actually three groups of videos by the BibleProject that cover Who is Jesus?, The early Church, and Big Ideas/Mega Themes of the Bible. Below is the first video from the first module to give you a picture of what they are like. Text us if you want to jump in for the full GROWTHTRACK #1.

After GROWTHTRACK #1 we will encourage you to continue into GrowthTrack #2. In the second “track” you have two options. You can either explore a topic/subject of your choice or you can read the Bible using an amazing APP that guides you in the discovery process.