Growth Track 1a

Who is Jesus?

The below videos are from The Bible Project, a group of Bible scholars and artists in Portland, Oregon. Here are a few suggestions to get the most out of these videos.

  1. Take the time and watch them a couple times to take in all they have to explain. Although they are animated, the videos are deep! If you have a friend to watch them with, all the better!
  2. In the videos they will reference various books (sections) of the Bible. Take the time to pause the videos and read whatever is of interest to you. If you don’t have a Bible, you can access one on your tablet or phone at Download the ESV Bible (English Standard Version), which is the one we use at Crossroads.
  3. Write down any insights you discover and/or any questions you have and discuss them with your Guide. If you did not begin your journey with a Guide, we can set you up with one at any time. Just text the keyword GUIDE to 720.513.1933 and we help you connect with someone.

1 | Messiah

In this video, The Bible Project explores the mysterious promise on page three of the Bible, that a promised deliverer would one day come to confront evil and rescue humanity. They trace this theme through the family of Abraham, the messianic lineage of David, and ultimately to Jesus who defeated evil by letting it defeat him.

2 | The Gospel (books)

The New Testament contains four ancient biographies of Jesus of Nazareth, and altogether they are called “the Gospel.” Each one tells the story as an announcement of good news that the crucified and risen Jesus is the true ruler of the nations. In this video, The Bible Project explores why these accounts were written and how you can read them with greater insight.

3 | Overview: Matthew
Chapters 1-13

This video breaks down the literary design of the Book of Matthew and its flow of thought. In Matthew, Jesus brings God’s heavenly kingdom to earth and invites his disciples into a new way of life through his death and resurrection.

4 | Overview Matthew Ch. 14-28

5 | The Birth of Jesus- Gospel of Luke Chapters 1-2

6 | Gospel of Luke Chapters 3-9

7 | The Prodigal Son - Gospel of Luke Chapters 9-19

8 | Gospel of Luke Chapters 19-23

9 | Gospel of Luke Chapter 24

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