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Finishing Strong

You did it! You finished reading the entire New Testament in eight weeks! Or, did you? What?! You didn’t quite finish the reading? To the dungeon with you. No, actually, you’re not alone. It was a demanding schedule to read 12 pages a day for these past 40 days of reading. So, if you didn’t…


The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! We’ve all heard this and have probably experienced it firsthand. As a father, this phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. Honestly, it’s a little bit sobering to think that I’m in charge of the well-being and development of my children. Lord… help them! But…

This Deal Won’t Last Forever!

The Gospel of John Chapters 7-12 I don’t like salespeople. There. I said it. If you are in sales of any kind, my apologies. I may personally know you and if so, then I probably like you. But nevertheless… I still don’t like salespeople. It’s not the person that I dislike. It’s often the motive….