Meet Our Team

Tim Griesbach

Pastor of Weekend Services

My wife (Kristi) and I moved out to the Denver area at the end of 2011 to seek adventure and to grow closer to each other as we pursued God together. We attended Crossroads within the first month of having moved, and we have been a part of this local body ever since. Since I was a young child, I have believed that being a part of a church meant that I should also be active in serving within the church. I am so blessed to get to be part of a church that loves Jesus and serves those around them as He did. To be encouraging God’s people to be using their gifts to build up the body of Christ for the glory of the Father… I can think of no more joyful activity!

I graduated from Moody Bible Institute in 2006 with a degree in Biblical Language. The Word of God is very precious to me and I loved learning how to better understand it through the study of Greek and Hebrew. After graduating, and in desperate need of a job, I started managing a Jimmy John’s in Rockford, IL. God blessed me there and allowed me to flourish in that industry for over 8 years. In the end, in was Jimmy John’s that allowed us to move out here, having met a good man of integrity who needed someone to help run his shops. I am amazed and feel utterly blessed to have been brought full circle, through Jimmy John’s, back to my first passion of being a pastor. I am determined to use all of my passion and joy to spur on God’s people to serve each other in extravagant ways as they also reach out into the world and invite others to hand over control of their lives to Christ. It is all for His glory, yet He graciously fills us to the overflowing with joy and peace and hope as we put Christ on display as the only way to being made right with God. How good and wonderful is our Lord! May our lips never cease in praising Him! Amen.

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