Everyone in community

We believe everyone wants to live with a sense of purpose.

We all long to make an impact with our lives, and in the lives around us, by building meaningful friendships.

Here at Crossroads, we live this reality by embracing community, that is, engaging life with others. We believe that all of us need “a few friends in our corner” to truly flourish. To live this out well, we encourage EVERYONE at Crossroads to connect and grow with others in community. We believe that connecting to God and connecting to others in meaningful ways is the key to the fullness of life we all long to experience.

Here are the three primary environments for connecting in community at Crossroads: 

Women's and Men's Groups

Meets Monthly, on the 4th Tuesday
The Pursuit is the men’s connection at Crossroads. At our gatherings, we eat, catch up with one another, then connect in groups to discuss a significant truth we want to cultivate in our lives.

Meets Monthly, on the 2nd Tuesday*
Generations is for women to gather together to grow, find healing in Christ, and build one another up. This is a place to connect as we walk towards a deeper life in community.
*Please note that we will not be hosting a monthly Generations gathering from May through August 2024. The Summer of Fun events will be offered instead. Contact to sign up!

Upcoming Gatherings


Community Groups are small groups of people (12-to-15), who meet every week (or every other week) to simply walk through life together. Group members encourage one another, pray together, and have faith-oriented conversations to encourage one another and grow in God's truth. Community Groups are the gem of Crossroads, where deep conversations, and life change happens.

Interested in finding out more or getting signed up for a group? Sign up for a Next@Crossroads session.

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For group information contact

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Tiffany Dunn

Community Groups Director

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