Office, Facility, & Safety Teams

    Feb 23, 2022 |

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    Office Team

    Once a week or once a month, based on your availability.
    Help with answering phones, making copies, special projects and more at either of our locations: Crossroads Church or Crossroads Community Center.

    Facility Team

    The Facilities Team are a group of individuals who are:
    • Committed to Jesus, pursuing the gifts he has blessed each one of us with.
    • Completing tasks in and outside of the church buildings.
    • Discipling and teaching others in an encouraging manner.
    Do you have a skill or looking to learn a particular skill? We are seeking team leads and participants for each of the following teams.

    Electrical Team:
    • Replacing ballasts and bulbs
    • Converting fixtures to LED
    • General maintenance on worn electrical appliances (outlets, switches appliances)
    • Assisting the HVAC team
    • Assisting the A/V team
    • Upgrading equipment in the building
    • Running cable
    Plumbing Team:
    • Repair and or replacing toilets and sinks
    • Add/remove fixtures General
    • Maintenance on valves, water heaters etc.
    • Assist the Landscaping Team
    • Flushing of french drains and down spots
    • Changing water filters
    Carpentry Team:
    • Building Kiosks, welcome centers and lots of cool furniture
    • Children's projects, decor, doors, props and much more!
    • Remodels General maintenance on furniture
    • Working along side the plumbing and electrical team
    HVAC Team:
    • General maintenance on HVAC
    • Filters and belts
    • General Maintenance on refrigerators and appliances
    • Working along side of the electrical team
    Sunday Morning Team:
    • Putting out flags Signs
    • Opening the building
    • Maintaining the building
    • Helping with Security
    • Help with Children's check in
    • Helping with ushers/greeters
    • Polite and willing to step in greeting or on the patio
    • Closing and cleaning up
    • Draining the baptistry
    • Parking Crew
    Kitchen Team:
    • Laundry (tablecloths and napkins )
    • Dishes (Washing and sanitizing )
    • Dusting and polishing equipment
    • Keeping an eye on dates and regulating what is good or bad
    • Working along side of the Custodial Arts Team
    • Helping cook or prep for patio parties / events
    Custodial Arts Team:
    • Sunday nights
    • Bathrooms Vacuuming and dusting
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Windows and doors
    • Trash and recycle
    • Keeping inside and out free of garbage
    • Working alongside the kitchen team
    Landscaping Team:
    • Repair irrigation system as needed
    • Add or remove zones
    • Trim landscaping shrubs and trees
    • Mow native areas
    • Add rock and mulch as needed
    • Weed control
    • Keeping trash picked up and sidewalks clean of debris
    • Playground Maintenance
    • Work alongside the plumbing team
    • Snowplowing

    Safety Team

    The Safety Team is a group of like-minded individuals with a heart to serve and protect others. The Safety Team provides any need, related to safety and comfort that anyone attending a service might need. The team may consist of individuals with an eye for safety/situational awareness, medical professionals, emergency responders, current & retired law enforcement, or former military personnel. The Safety Team works closely with the Facilities and Guest Services Teams during each service.

    The team discusses and updates the Safety Procedure Handbook for the church and pre-plans responses to fires, medical emergencies, and dealing with disruptive individuals. The team conducts training quarterly throughout the year and these educational classes may include: First Aid, CPR, Stop the Bleed, Use of a Fire Extinguisher, De-escalation Techniques, Child Abuse Identification, Arson and Fire Safety, Severe Weather, Basic Use of Force, and many others.

    We’d like to have a robust enough team that everyone only needs to participate in 6 services each month (ideally 2 services per week each month with 1 week off). The team has a presence at each service, youth group nights, and children’s events as well as some special events or funerals. Service opportunities are primarily at the Thornton Campus but may include the Crossroads Community Center in Northglenn. All candidates must submit to a background check and participate in an interview.

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