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Leader Updates

January 10, 2023

— DISCUSSION GUIDE | Check Out What's New —

  As we continue to build out our weekly discussion guides one of the changes that you'll likely notice is that we have begun adding more questions each week. Here's the thing though, we don't expect you to use all of the questions in the guide. Our goal is that you would interact with the questions that most resonate with you and your group. We want to simply set the table for your group to be able to have more questions to choose from when engaging in discussions. We hope in this change that your group would grow deeper and have dynamic conversations each time you meet.  

— GROUPS | Core Gathering & Celebration —

We would like to invite you to our Community Group Core Gathering on January 24th from 7-8:30pm. The truth is, those connected in Community Groups are really the “core” of Crossroads Church. You are those committed to walking life week after week with others and striving to both grow deeper in your love for Jesus and be used by Him as we scatter back into our neighborhoods and workplaces. This event will be for ALL members of Crossroads Community Groups. It will be a dessert party where we will celebrate what God is doing, and share briefly what is on the horizon! If this happens to be the night that your group meets, we want to encourage you to push pause that night and as a group spend the evening with us. We are excited to celebrate with you.

— BAPTISM | Are You Ready —

This year we plan to talk a lot more about identifying with Jesus and what it looks like to make a public declaration to follow Him. If you or someone in your group has not yet made the decision to be baptized, we would love for you to begin engaging in this conversation. It's super simple to do. You can begin by filling out a form HERE and Doug Schmidt will reach out and touch base with you. Together, we can figure out what baptism can look like in the context of your group. We can't wait to walk beside you and your group as more step out and say "Yes, I am a follower of Jesus."

All for Him, 
Tiffany Dunn

    "We exist to gather and to scatter. Gathering to grow, scattering to move the gospel."