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Leader Updates

Hey Leaders,

We have several things coming in January and February and we wanted to reach out with some info for you. You can also check out the video below to get all of the details.


January & February Sermon Series

We want to invite our CG leaders into two sermon-based discussions for our winter cycle. During the first 3 weeks of January, we will be in a short series looking at and learning from the hearts of 3 kings; Saul, David, and Absalom. Our lives truly flow from the posture of our hearts, and this study will unpack that reality in good and bad ways.

In February we will be doing a 6-week series in Revelation...yes...Revelation. Revelation is a complicated book, and we will be covering it from a 50,000-foot view. We will cover some of the mega themes, but won't spend time directly unpacking many of the fine details. We realize this series can be big so if your group wants to walk through this, we would like to put a key resource in your hands. It's a great little commentary on the book called Revelation For You by Tim Chester. If you are interested in this book and having your group go through the Revelation series please take just a moment to fill out this form so we can order you a copy. We will purchase one book per group. So for those who may have a co-leader only one of you will need to fill out the form. You can fill out the form here.


Spirit Week's in January

Also in January, we will be doing a fun Spirit Week contest in our groups. Each week during the month of January I will email out a theme for the week and then you snap a photo of your group participating in that theme and email it to me. Our staff will vote each week on a winner and that group will win a fun-themed basket for their group to enjoy. Here are the rules....

One photo submitted per week - if your group wins you will no longer be eligible for another prize.
Photos must be submitted by Saturday of that week to be included in the vote for that week. 
Please check with each person to ensure they are alright with being photographed. These photos may likely be used in the future for Community Group promotion.
The groups will be judged based on the theme for that week as well as how creative the group was in taking their photo. 
If your group wins, you the leader, will be notified and can pick up your prize the following week.

We are excited to see all the fun you have in January!

May the Lord bless you and yours,
Tiffany & James