Community Groups

At Crossroads Community Groups are made up of people just like you. Group members provide weekly support, study the Bible, and pray for one another and serve together.

Welcome to Crossroads and we're glad you are here!

At the core of our church, our backbone (really), is what we call Community Groups.

Community Groups are small groups of people (12-to-15), who meet regularly to simply walk life together. They encourage each other, have faith-oriented conversations to deepen their connection with God, and support each other through praying for each other and simply being there for one another. Community Groups are where life, and life change, happen in our church. Worship services are cool, but we believe transformation happens and hope is discovered as real people walk life with real people!

The mission of Crossroads Church is to serve people toward, and connect people to Jesus. As we connect people to Jesus it is our desire to ultimately connect them to a new way of living, a lifestyle, that helps them grow in Jesus and embrace the freedom and hope He has secured for them. We evaluate growth by people discovering who they are in Jesus and developing a passion to help others discover their unique “God design” as well. This isn’t unique to Crossroads, but is the basic call to “make disciples” which Jesus gave to every church in Matthew 28:19-20. In fulfilling this, we want to assist EVERYONE at Crossroads Church to cultivate a lifestyle of personal transformation and being used by God to transform the lives of others.

Groups run 10 weeks with 3 sessions a year (Winter, Spring and Fall). Sign ups to join groups happen before each session. We are currently in the Winter 2021 Session and the next sign ups to join groups will be March 21-April 3..


Winter 2021 Session is held January 10-March 14.
Check out groups and watch for Spring 2021 sign ups March 21-April 3!
Spring 2021 Session will be held April 11-May 23, 2021.