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Jesus Invited Everyone to Sit at His Table

Jesus spent a lot of time around the dinner table.
Many  of his most frequently quoted messages and
standout stories happened while sharing a meal
with others. And the company around the...

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One night, he experienced overwhelming stress because he knew he’d soon face arrest, torture, and even execution. It created an unimaginable weight.

Like many people do when stressed, Jesus escaped to a quiet place—a garden of old growth olive trees on the side of a mountain. He brought a few friends for emotional support and prayer. Overwhelmed with exhaustion, his friends couldn’t stay awake as he pleaded...



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Our culture sees red! Twitter, facebook, cable news channels, and even ESPN. Outrage is the voice of our society. But what if there was a better way. What if we could calm down and actually bring healing?


Have you ever been misjudged? Jesus knew what it felt like to be falsely judged. The government and religious authorities of Jesus’ day saw Jesus and his disciples as troublemakers, lawbreakers, and rebels. When they entered a new city, Jesus and his disciples were eyed with suspicion. Rumors and false accusations swirled. Everything He did was questioned or challenged.

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