Crossroads Kids will experience an immersion of LOVE, an explosion of WOW, an exploration of JESUS, and an activation of GROWTH.  

From the warmth of the check in process, to the personal attention our volunteers give to each child, to the encouragement we give to parents, to the safety measures we have in place, we cultivate an atmosphere of LOVE. LOVE is at the center of everything we do and we want all Crossroads kids and their parents to feel immersed in it!

We are deliberately creating exciting, colorful, modern, innovative and excellent environments and activities to give every kid, infants through 5th grade, and their parent an experience that feels like an explosion of WOW every week! We are also WOWed by generosity through serving opportunities, giving financially to our Compassion kids, and partnering with our outreach team.

We help kids, infant through 5th grade, and their parents explore who JESUS is, His invitation to them, and the difference the gospel message makes. We use kid-friendly language, Bibles, and tools to help us clearly articulate how to believe in and have a relationship with Jesus based on the age of the child.

We intentionally lead kids and their parents to the next stage of development in their journey with God.  Whether that’s helping a new believer learn how to pray, guiding a young believer on how to read the Bible, sharing a resource with parents or challenging a mature believer with sharing their faith, we activate GROWTH.  We are purposefully helping kids progress and transition all the way from nursery through high school.

Sunday Experience


Sunday mornings are the core of what we do. We want Sundays to be over the top engaging where kids LOVE getting up Sunday mornings for the adventure they get to dive into. We have safe, age-appropriate programs for our elementary aged kids, our preschool kids, and our nursery babies and toddlers. All the children from babies through 5th grade will be guided by amazing people who will teach them about Jesus while you're in our worship gathering.  All of our teacher and volunteers go through thorough background checks and are trained. If you’re coming for the first time please pre-register through the link below (to make Sunday super smooth)!

For infants through 5th grade.
Thornton 8:30, 10 & 11:30am
Ft. Lupton 10am

If you are new to Crossroads – pre-register your kids to save some time, you can also customize your visit and we will be ready for you!

Pre-register and customize!

Connection and Growth

Crossroads Kids has key events we host to help new people connect with us and also for kids to grow deeper in relationships with each other and the adventure of following Jesus.

Join the Crossroads Kids Team!


We’re always looking for amazing adults (and teens) to join our team. Click the link below to begin a conversation with one of our team leads about how you might get involved. 

I'm interested in joining the kids team!