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Choosing Wisely

by Pastor Matt Manning on January 02, 2022

Module Introduction

The focus of this module is to explore a biblical view of finances, or what the Bible calls stewardship. Depending on your background, you might be excited or concerned with this topic. You might be wondering, Why does the church want us to “study” money? The truth is, every aspect of our life is an opportunity for us to learn to trust God and his wisdom in our lives. A very simple definition of faith is responding to the character and values of God by how we live within OUR character and values. As we think of faith beyond what we believe, into how we live as a response to what we believe, subjects that we might first believe to be unspiritual become the actual environments for us to trust God and worship Him in how we live our lives.

This module is written to help us develop a biblical worldview regarding finances. If you’re looking for a more “nuts & bolts” study on the subject, we would recommend Debt-Free Living by Larry Burkett or Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.

General Note for Modules: Within this resource we are only including the reference to specific verses. They are not there merely as a source reference, but rather it is our hope (and dare I say expectation) that you would read the verses in a Bible to fully understand and learn from the source.

MY STORY | Vulnerability
What was the first “high value” item with which you were entrusted? It could have been house sitting, watching someone else’s kids, or a car. Share how you felt when you thought of the weight of that responsibility.

DIGGING DEEPER | Practical Biblical Application
Stewardship is not a common word we use in daily life. How would you (or your group) define it? (You can use Google if you want.) What modern synonyms could be used?

Read Matthew 25:14-30.
Share your general
first-read observations.
What was the difference in perspective between each person?
Things got pretty intense for the third servant. Unpack the various reasons why the end result was his condemnation.
What’s the difference between an owner and a manager? Is this a new idea for you? What aspects of your life do you consider yourself an owner or manager? Explain...

A common teaching from Christian financial advisors is living with a 10/10/80 strategy. That means giving away 10%, saving/investing 10%, and living with 80% of your income. This is a radical contrast to the way most people view their finances, as it is common for many people to live on 100% of their income, or 100+ by financing or living on credit.
Read and discuss the verses below regarding the biblical values to give and save.
Give: Proverbs 3:9-10
Save: Proverbs 6:6-8
Are either of these new concepts for you or difficult to apply? Discuss why.

GROWING TOGETHER | Spiritual Friendship
Discuss, as honestly as you are willing, about how you have viewed finances in your life. Has it changed over time? What are the pressures with which you struggle in regard to balancing?

LIVING IN 4D | Missional Living
Is there a friend in your circle of influence who struggles with finances or managing finances? Think of how you might lean in to encourage them. Could you get together and share something from this week’s discussion, or help them in some tangible way?

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