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Curious, cautious or confused about Christianity?

by Pastor Matt Manning on September 23, 2022

1 New Series

This Sunday
Bring a friend for our new series CHRISTIANITY FOR THE CURIOUS, CAUTIOUS AND CONFUSED that explores the fundamental theological truths of Christianity.

2 We can smell the chili...

Sunday, September 25, 11am-1pm
We're kicking off our new series CHRISTIANITY FOR THE CURIOUS, CAUTIOUS AND CONFUSED with a Chili Cook-Off! Bring chili for judging and we'll bring s'mores, corn and a photo booth.

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3 Community Center

Saturday, October 1, 10am-2pm
We will have our official Grand Opening! So if you missed the Open House this is a great way to learn about the center and get involved. 

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4 Enjoy some photos

We're uploading new photos of our Crossroads family to Flickr weekly, so check them out!


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