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Worship Team
02.14.22 | Volunteer | Crossroads Teams

I want to serve We believe that God is the ultimate Creator and that He made us to create alongside Himself. Some of the ways we do this at Crossroads is through song and music. We desire to use all of the creative expressions available to us...

    Innovation Team
    02.14.22 | Volunteer | Crossroads Teams

    Serve using the creativity God has given you. There are many areas you can contribute and time commitments are very flexible. Based on your interest and skill level we would love to have you on the team.I want to serve Photography -...

      Christianity and Emotional Health
      02.02.22 | Emotional Health

      What the Bible says about pain, healing, identity, self-esteem, worry, anger, and shame. Emotions, and emotional people, often get a bad rap in our culture. The common thinking goes, “feelings are unreliable and not to be ...

        Biblical Justice in a Modern World
        02.01.22 | Identity | Justice

        Reflecting God's ImageRacism, Poverty, Gender Identity, Abortion & More Injustice is the cause of much of the suffering we experience in our world, and a primary reason many people struggle with faith in God. Our culture has exploded with...

          Top 5 Reasons People Struggle with God
          02.01.22 | Faith

          You are not alone. A lot of  intelligent and thoughtful people struggle with questions about how a God who is all good, all-powerful, and all knowing fails to meet our expectations or do the things we want. In a recent sermon series, the...

          Vasos Lee
          01.30.22 | Resources | My Story

          Vasos shares his story that led him to baptism, declaring to follow Jesus for the rest of his life.

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