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    Top 5 Reasons People Struggle with God
    02.01.22 | Faith

    You are not alone. A lot of  intelligent and thoughtful people struggle with questions about how a God who is all good, all-powerful, and all knowing fails to meet our expectations or do the things we want. In a recent sermon series, the...

      Biblical Justice in a Modern World
      02.01.22 | Identity | Justice

      Reflecting God's ImageRacism, Poverty, Gender Identity, Abortion & More Injustice is the cause of much of the suffering we experience in our world, and a primary reason many people struggle with faith in God. Our culture has exploded with...

      Vasos Lee
      01.30.22 | Resources | My Story

      Vasos shares his story that led him to baptism, declaring to follow Jesus for the rest of his life.