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    Jesus Invited Everyone to Sit at His Table
    02.02.23 | Faith

    We were looking at the life of Jesus to see who he really was, and we noticed something peculiar: he spent a lot of time around the dinner table. Many of his most frequently quoted messages and standout stories happened while sharing a meal with...

      Do you have true joy?
      01.26.23 | Faith | Emotional Health

      The secret to joy Are you tired of listening to shallow positivity in the midst of life's hard realities? What if there was a way to have genuine joy, no matter your circumstances? The Bible tells us the secret, and it's one that might...

        What is Christianity?
        01.25.23 | Faith

        Are you curious, cautious or confused about Christianity? We're laying it all out and clearing up common misconceptions and questions concerning Christianity using the Bible. What is truth? This faith thing can be complex, can’t it? One...

          Community Center
          01.12.23 | Volunteer | Community Center

          I want to serve The Community Center serves hundreds of individuals each month and there are events happening every day. A team is needed to help the center run smoothly. Schedules are flexible based on your availability. Positions available...

            Celebrate Recovery
            01.11.23 | Volunteer | Community Center

            Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-Centered recovery program with a non-judgmental community, tools and support. We're looking for volunteers to walk alongside this group in a variety of ways.  Mondays, 5:45-9pm, Crossroads Community...

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