We’re glad you’re interested in connecting in the life of our church in a special way that we call membership. Membership at Crossroads is synonymous with involvement. It is a commitment to deeper engagement through the business of the church, voting, and serving on specific boards.

1. Attending Worship Services regularly
Living within a commitment to worshipping at a Crossroads campus at least twice a month.

2. Connecting with others relationally
Actively pursuing steps of connection through participation in a Community Group, or another significant group for growth, accountability and fellowship.

3. Serving strategically
Having found an area to use your time, gifts, or abilities to further the vision of Crossroads Church.

4. Giving generously
Participating in the mission of Crossroads Church by financially supporting God’s work through our church.

5. Inviting others intentionally
Living transparently in your daily life to openly share your growth and health as a participant of Crossroads Church.

6. Baptized as a follower of Jesus
Membership requires having been baptized by your own choice as a follower of Jesus. Though we do not require this to have been done at Crossroads Church, we do emphasize that it was of your own willful choice rather than that of others (i.e., child dedication).

7. Attend (1) business meeting annually
Crossroads Church holds a church business meeting quarterly (4 times per year) to give updates and vote on necessary matters.  We require members to attend one of these meetings annually. See more here.

8. Agreement with the Crossroads Church Statement of Faith view here

9. Signing the Membership Covenant
Simply stating that you’re in agreement with the values of the Membership Covenant. view here

10.  Fill out the application below and meet with a Pastor. Please fill out one form per person.


Membership FAQs

Why does Crossroads have members?

Crossroads is a church, and the Bible uses the metaphor of a body to describe the church: ‘‘For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ’‘ (1 Cor. 12:12). It’s a beautiful illustration of how we’re each created to serve different functions; we need everyone to function in order to be a healthy body, and all of us as separate parts find purpose and unity under Jesus, ‘‘the head of the body, the church’‘ (Col. 1:18).

As an organization, we have chosen to be congregationally governed. There are certain responsibilities members have in the following areas: voting of the Senior Pastor; dismissal of the Senior Pastor; the selection of lay leadership (council and trustees), the incurring of debt, the approval of the yearly budget, the approval and dismissal of members, the amending of the Constitution and Bylaws, and the right to final voice in any area it chooses to act. It is important to us as a church, that we have faithful people making prayerful and wise decisions concerning these issues.

What's the difference between a member and someone who attends every week?

At Crossroads, we make a distinction between a “member” and  an “attender.” If you’re not a member, then you’re technically an attender that remains, to a certain extent, separated from our church family, and separated from the maturity, protection, accountability and care that comes with being an active part of the church. This may not make much difference for visitors and non-Christians, but Christians who consume rather than commit to a local church do a disservice to Jesus’ body (the church) and themselves. Members, on the other hand, participate as the church: sacrificing time, talent, and treasure; committing to the care and community of their fellow members; serving on church boards and in key leadership roles; participating in church business meetings; committing to the vision; and submitting to the authority God has established to lead our congregation.

Why should I become a member?

Crossroads Church is a family. We care for each other, pray for each other and serve together. If you’re already a Christian, if you’re already in some form of Crossroads community, if you’re already giving of your finances and your time, then you’re already fulfilling some functions of a member. Without making an official commitment, however, we cannot provide the same level of pastoral care and community support, in part because we may not know who you are.

Also, since Crossroads is congregationally governed, that means church staff is ultimately accountable back to the congregation. So every quarter we get together and the pastors report where we have been, and the pastors give direction to where we are going in the future. Additionally, these meetings are where members engage in the major votes concerning the organizational side of the church.

If you’re not a Christian, don’t worry about membership until you’ve been reconciled to God through Jesus. If you are a Christian who has spent a lot of time at Crossroads, however, search your heart and identify your hesitation. There may be valid reasons to abstain from Crossroads membership. But we’re rebels by our cursed nature; if you bristle at the very idea of becoming a member, ask yourself why–and don’t hesitate to speak with the campus pastor at your campus.

What is a member covenant?

A covenant is a promise by which we obligate ourselves to one another in such a way that the obligation of one party is not dependent on the faithfulness of the other (Ezek. 20:44 36:22; Ps. 76:11; Hos. 2:19-20, 3:1; 2 Tim. 2:13). A covenant is what we would use to describe the vows between a husband and his wife, and between God and His people. We ask our members to sign a covenant so we know prospective members understand what it means to be a part of the church. The member covenant is not a legal document or some sort of cultic rite. It is an affirmation, an agreement, and a source of accountability for both the church and its individual members. Read the covenant

Do members have to be baptized?

Since Jesus commands all of his disciples be baptized, baptism is a requirement for all Crossroads members (Matt. 28:19; Acts 2:38, 10:48; 1 Peter 3:21). If you’ve already been baptized since you became a Christian, you don’t need to get re-baptized. Crossroads performs believer baptisms only, which means we don’t baptize infants. We don’t argue over how you were baptized as long as it happened once you believed. Our practice is to dunk you under the water. The dunking is specific to Scripture and it is a powerful symbol of what is happening in your life by dying to yourself then finding new life in Christ. If you have more questions about baptism specifically, please speak with your campus pastor. If you’re ready to get baptized sign up for baptism.

How do I become a member?

Agree to the statements above, fill in the Membership Application and meet with a Pastor.