Pastoral Care

At Crossroads Church, we have a strong desire to care for people in whatever life situation that they are in. Whether that is health issues (including surgeries and hospital visits), family struggles, job difficulties, relational issues, funerals, grief and loss, prayer and recovery, we believe God desires to work in your suffering and use it for your good and his glory (Romans 8:18-25).

We also believe we are whole beings and all issues of life are connected. Further, since we are spiritual beings, all issues of life and suffering that we go through are spiritual issues and the Bible has a lot to say about it!

What is Pastoral Care?

Different seasons of life come and go. Everyone goes through seasons when they need help and Godly counsel. The world we live in is fallen, and as a result, suffering is inevitable. Though suffering is inevitable, God promises to walk through it with us and encourages us to walk with each other and seek wise counsel. Though we have a team of trained care givers for each of these areas, we also highly encourage you to be connected in a small group. If you aren't, your first step is to meet with our Next Steps Director, Christen Brown, to find the best 'next steps' for you and/or your family.

Pastoral Counseling

What is Pastoral Counseling?

We firmly believe that no one is meant to go through life alone. We are created for relationships. This is especially true when life throws a curve ball your way and you find yourself in a position of significant hardship. As Christians, not only are we supposed to go through life together, but we are also supposed to help each other through those storms. At Crossroads Church, we have Pastoral Counseling available for the people of Crossroads to help you during your difficult time.

Pastoral Counseling is not Professional Clinical Counseling. We are connected with Crossroads Counseling Associates, if you are looking for a Licensed Professional Counselor. Pastoral Counseling is free of charge, and takes a centrally Biblical perspective on your issue and seeks to come to healthy conclusions with a Christ-centered focus. Regardless of why you may be struggling, we want to help you find healing, redemption, growth, and all the fullness of the promises of God that he has for you!

What Kinds of Issues can Pastoral Counseling help with?
We are not experts in all of these areas, but seek to point you toward a Biblical understanding of your situation and to offer you some tools to help you through it. If there is further help needed or professional therapy needed, a referral will be made. Some of these areas may include:

  • Spiritual issues
  • Relationship – marriage, families, communication, conflict, (premarital counseling happens primarily through Crossroads Counseling Associates)
  • Grief and loss
  • Life Direction
  • Addictions
  • Financial issues

How do I get started?
To get started, please submit the Pastoral Counseling Intake Form below, which only takes about 3 minutes. Once this is completed, you will be connected to one of our pastors and contacted to set up first visit.

Pastoral Counseling Intake FormDownload Pastoral Consent Form

Pastoral Care/Visitation

Pastoral Contact/Hospital Visit
When serious health issues arise or concerns in life surface, a pastoral contact may be helpful. People are whole, spiritual beings created in the image of God and physical health can have a huge impact on spiritual health.

If you would like to request a visit for you or someone else, by someone on our Care Team, please submit this short form by completing the needed information.

Pastoral/Hospital Contact Request Form

Stephen Ministry
There are events in life that require long-term healing and recovery. Whether it’s after the death of a spouse or child, or after a life-dream has been shattered or a significant job loss, long-term care may be needed. Stephen Ministers are available to walk with people through these difficult seasons for the long-term. If you are interested in become a Stephen Minister or becoming a care receiver, click here to find out more.

Crossroads Comfort Food Sometimes, the best thing you can get is a nice meal delivered to your house. Crossroads Comfort food is a ministry that provides meals for families who are going through a different time. If you’d like to request some meals for you or someone you know, or would like to volunteer to make meals, contact Anne Wasilik.


Prayer Requests
A dedicated team of people faithfully pray for those who have requested prayer. Each week, prayer requests get prayed for by hundreds of people in our congregation. You can submit your prayer request here or contact

Prayer After Services
After each service at all campuses, there is a team of people up front who are eager to pray with you. If there is a need for prayer, please feel free to come to the front after service. 

Healing and Deliverance Prayer
The Healing and Deliverance Prayer Ministry (HADPM) meets with individuals privately using prayer tools for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, helping to move beyond what might be prohibiting someone from connecting with God more deeply.  If you’d like more information, fill out this form.


Where are services held?
Funeral and memorial services are held at Crossroads Northglenn located at 104th and Huron and at our Ft. Lupton location. 
Our Northglenn seating capacity is 350 – 400 guests.
Our Ft. Lupton Campus seating capacity is 200.

Are Crossroads pastors available to preside at services outside the building?
Yes, schedule permitting.

Is the building available for services?
Our Northglenn and Ft. Lupton locations are available for funerals/memorial services officiated by a Christian pastor.
For more information or assistance contact our Funeral Coordinator, Christen Brown, 303-962-5704

Recovery, Grief, Divorce

We are created in such a way that we are deeply and intimately connected with people we love. It’s been said before that the only thing certain about this life, is death. Unfortunately, it is a part of life, but like everything else, we can choose to go through it alone, or in a caring community of people who will love and support us.

Celebrate Recovery
Do you ever feel stuck in life? is there something holding you back? A bad habit, a relationship, a character flaw that you can’t seem to shake? We all do! Every single one of us has wounds that we have carried around through life - they’re all different, but they all hold us back. Find the freedom that you have been looking for - come to Celebrate Recovery, and find a Christ-Centered recovery program, a non-judgmental community, and the tools and support to help you grow!

Monday Nights


Loss Inventory Guide
How do you make your most significant losses and disappointments lose their power over you? The first essential step in the healing process is to clearly identify what you've lost. Download this free PDF to begin.


Two sessions are held each year (August/January). DivorceCare is a biblically-based program that ministers to those hurt by divorce. It helps you face challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. 

2024 schedule

Mental Health

When it comes to support at Crossroads Church, we want to support you in all season of life. We realize that now and then, the relational, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges that we face, would be best supported by Christian licensed professional counselors. Professional counseling is fee based, and often accepts different forms of insurance. So whether you’re an adult, child, teenager, or looking for support in marriage, addiction, life stages, or anything else, maybe professional counseling is for you! There are a few really great Christian Counselors and associations that we partner with in the area:


An incredible team of volunteers offer “marriage tune-ups sessions” on Friday nights throughout the year at different campuses, including Love and Respect Building Blocks, It Takes Three, Prepare and Enrich, and Marriage Tune Ups: Personality Plus and The 5 Love Languages. Find out more at

Pre-Marital Counseling
Pre-marital counseling will be of great benefit to couples getting married. Crossroads Counseling Associates uses the Prepare and Enrich curriculum, which gives you some great practical tools to prepare for your upcoming marriage.

Congratulations on your engagement! Preparing for your marriage can be both exciting and stressful. Here is general information about weddings at Crossroads Church.

Can I have my wedding at Crossroads?
Members or regular attendees and their family members can have a wedding at either the Northglenn or Ft. Lupton campus. Receptions may be held at both campuses as well.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at Crossroads?
Crossroads charges for a wedding include a refundable damage deposit, wedding registration fee, wedding coordinator and sound tech fees. Using space for the reception requires a refundable damage deposit.

What about pre-marital counseling?
A thriving marriage takes work, and there are strategies available to strengthen new marriages to help newly married couples get off to a great start. All couples, regardless if this is your first or second marriage, are required to attend premarital counseling and must have it completed two weeks prior to the wedding day. This is also required for couples who are using a Crossroads Pastor and are getting married at another location. The “Prepare and Enrich” curriculum is offered through Crossroads Counseling Associates and requires a separate fee for the professional counselor to facilitate these sessions.

Do Crossroads Pastors do weddings off-site?
Yes. Please contact the church office and let them know that you are having your wedding at a different location, and want to see if a particular Pastor is available.

What is the next step?
For further information about weddings, contact the wedding registrar Sheryl Skattum. We look forward to serving you!