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We believe the teenage years are an amazing time of personal development, spiritual growth, and establishing healthy independence. We love helping students discover the joy of fun, Jesus, prayer and togetherness! We also love partnering with parents in this tumultuous season of their life.  Crossroads Students is where transformation happens!


Sunday Morning

We want the high schoolers to learn to be integrated members of the church before they graduate. They have the choice to volunteer and/or attend Sunday service. Volunteering helps the students develop leadership skills and personal maturity, and grow a heart to serve the kingdom of God. Sunday service is also great for the students because we, as a church, have designed these services to be engaging and relevant for younger audiences.

Sunday Night

High School CSN is a place specifically for high school students where they have a community with other students who desire to grow closer to Jesus. High School students desire a place where they can feel welcome and seen. This is a place where they can ask difficult questions, engage in thought-provoking conversations, and have adults who care for and support them as they grow into the men and women that God has created them to be.


Sunday Morning

We have a setting called The In Between where students get deep and personal spiritual growth opportunities, and everyone has fun. We begin by playing games for the first fifteen minutes. Next, we discuss and apply scripture to our lives for about twenty minutes. Finally, we get to play a game on an out-of-classroom field trip. This helps the students transition smoothly from children's ministry to youth ministry by giving them new freedoms and challenging them to make their own decisions about who God is and how they should live.

Sunday Night

Middle School CSN is focused on fun and learning. Middle school students are discovering who they are as a person and what they believe. This is a season of life that is full of wonderful discoveries and awkward transitions. MS CSN is a space where awkward is awesome, and students are encouraged to begin to think for themselves. Our hope is that middle schoolers will discover a love for Jesus that propels them into a life-long relationship with Him.

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Winter 2023 Events

Nov 5: CSN, 4-6pm
Nov 12: CSN, 4-6pm
Nov 19: CSN Alien Night, 4-7pm
Nov 26: No CSN
Nov 26: Advent Family Worship Night

Dec 3: CSN, 4-6pm
Dec 10: CSN, 4-6pm
Dec 17: CSN, 4-7pm
Dec 24: No CSN, Christmas Eve Candlelight Services
Dec 29-30: High School Lock-In, 8pm-7am
Dec 31: No CSN, New Year's Eve

Jan 7: CSN, 4-6pm
Jan 13: Student Band Camp
Jan 14: CSN 4-6pm
Jan 20: Student Work Day
Jan 21: CSN, 4-6pm, Winter Camp Registration Closes
Jan 28: CSN, 4-6pm

Feb 2-4: SNOWBOUND Middle School Winter Camp
Feb 9-11: HIGH ALTITUDE High School Winter Camp
Feb 18: CSN, 4-6pm
Feb 24: All Church Volunteer Appreciation and Training
Feb 25: CSN, 4-6pm


Crossroads Students has key events we host to help new people connect with us and also for kids to grow deeper in relationships with each other and the adventure of following Jesus.  Below are the Crossroads Students events on the horizon.

Family Resources

Digital Media Plan

Discover a comprehensive guide to cultivating intentional digital habits for your family. This is a customizable plan for a balanced relationship with technology, strengthening mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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