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Learn to Pray - A.C.T.S.
05.12.22 | Articles #4 | Prayer

Pastor Matt teaches how to do a type of prayer called A.C.T.S. which was modeled after Jesus in the Lord's Prayer. Christian have been using this model of prayer for centuries. A = AdorationC = ConfessionT = Thanksgiving S = Supplication...

    6 Biblical Truths Every Parent Needs to Know
    05.12.22 | Parenting

    6 Unchanging Principles of Parenting Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle you influence the people around you. These truths apply to all of our lives as they are never-changing Biblical truths that carry us through many seasons of...

    Salvation: Christianity
    05.11.22 | Theological Truths

     THEOLOGICAL TRUTHS  -  Basic truths for Christians to know and believe. Nearly every people group in the world has a religious system. Many believe that religion was created as a way for people to explain the...

    The Bible: Confidence and Reliability
    05.04.22 | Theological Truths

     THEOLOGICAL TRUTHS  -  Basic truths for Christians to know and believe. The Bible as we know it, the Protestant Canon, is a thoroughly-vetted document concerning its history, historical accuracy, and viability. This...

      Good News Clubs
      04.20.22 | Community Center

      I want to serve Good News Clubs meet weekly in the public schools on Wednesday afternoons from 2:35-3:45pm. They are led by volunteer teams that love Jesus and kids and want to reach kids with the gospel right where they are - in...

        Young Life
        04.20.22 | Community Center

        I WANT TO SERVE Volunteer to work alongside the Young Life staff at the Community Center and/or in local High Schools. Find out more

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