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Chad Rathbun
04.26.21 | Resources | My Story

Listen to Chad’s story about how he crossed the bridge from “faith rental” to “faith ownership.”

Chris Beaver
04.12.21 | Resources | My Story

Chris was a skeptic who asked intelligent and challenging questions about the claims of Christ. Listen to where his journey took him.

Tim and Christen Brown
03.15.21 | Resources | My Story

Tim & Christen Brown were baptized together as an expression of their mutual commitment to Jesus as their Lord and Savior. (Christen is on staff at Crossroads, and the first person contacted when someone texts in “New, Next, or Jesus”)

Brian Pritchard
03.10.21 | Resources | My Story

Brian Pritchard is a young man heading into the Marine Corp. Listen to his story of faith as he approaches this major milestone in his life.