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Gen Z Disconnect #02
02.09.23 | Collision Podcast | by Matt Manning | by James Johnson

Matt and James sit down and talk about the strange trend of Gen Z becoming more open to spirituality while church attendance continues to decline. How do we engage these young searchers and overcome their negative perceptions of the modern...

    Jesus was a troublemaker
    02.06.23 | Justice

    We were musing about how Jesus and his disciples were viewed in his day. If the authorities or religious leaders saw them walking down the street or hanging out on the corner, what would they have thought of them? It suddenly hit us. They...

      Did Jesus ever mourn?
      02.06.23 | Emotional Health

      As the restrictions of the pandemic eased and the world appeared to be resuming to some normalcy (whatever that is), we were chatting about the impact COVID-19 had had on us. Some of the changes it created, we confessed, were positive &mdash...

        Was Jesus ever stressed?
        02.06.23 | Emotional Health

        One night, he experienced overwhelming stress because he knew he’d soon face arrest, torture, and even execution. It created an unimaginable weight. Like many people do when stressed, Jesus escaped to a quiet place—a garden of old...

          Jesus Invited Everyone to Sit at His Table
          02.02.23 | Faith

          We were looking at the life of Jesus to see who he really was, and we noticed something peculiar: he spent a lot of time around the dinner table. Many of his most frequently quoted messages and standout stories happened while sharing a meal with...

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