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    Does the Church Care?
    09.12.22 | Faith | Emotional Health | Prayer

    Does the Church Care? Have you been hurt by the Church? Or maybe you're wondering if the Church is genuine. Take a look below to see what the Bible and God say about what the Church should look like. Lies about suffering Maybe you’ve...

    The Story of God
    08.28.22 | Theological Truths

     THEOLOGICAL TRUTHS  -  Basic truths for Christians to know and believe. The story of God is essentially the narrative of God’s interaction and intervention with his people. Throughout history, the story of God...

    Interdependent Living: Life Together
    08.24.22 | Lifestyle Changes

      LIFESTYLE CHANGES - Discerning how your life must look different in order to join God in His redemptive work. The Bible uses the metaphor of the human body to describe Christian community.  Within this, the...

    Engaging the Bible
    08.24.22 | Spiritual Practices

      SPIRITUAL PRACTICES - Personal disciplines we need to engage to connect with God and become empowered to live a spiritual live. The Bible is one of the greatest gifts given to humanity. Within it we have the...

    God Is Knowable
    08.24.22 | Value Shifts

      VALUE SHIFTS -  Changes in perspective and values to align our reality to that of God’s greater plan. A compelling and impactful aspect of God’s nature is his knowability. God is not a distant, mythical...

    Nature of God: Trinity
    08.21.22 | Theological Truths

     THEOLOGICAL TRUTHS  -  Basic truths for Christians to know and believe. The doctrine of the Trinity is essential to Christianity. This doctrine uniquely sets us apart from every other religion, including Mormonism. It...

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